Hail to the Creeps!


Presidential Monsters….the idea is so instantly recognizable, so mind-bendingly unique and heart-warmingly familiar, you’ll swear they’ve always been there.

They just feel so obvious and “right”. The characters are clever, outrageous and appealing. They trigger our collective sub-conscience to take us on a wacky and sometimes irreverent thrill ride! Whether you enjoy the over-the-top silliness or are amused by their wry political humor, Presidential Monsters are an instant classic!

The Presidential Monster Series merges an undeniable American love of monsters, vampires, werewolves, zombies, aliens and all other things that go bump in the night with the supercharged popularity of U.S. Presidents and political figures. Modern Washington D.C. headline grabbers, present-day policy makers and classic heroes from American history and our national folklore-all are transformed when monster meets man.

Are these the men and monsters we love to hate, or the misunderstood creatures we long to root for?

Presidential Monsters are BOTH, of course!